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Motivation To Quit Smoking Essay

  • Submitted by: ncrawley1986
  • on October 26, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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The Motivation to Quit Smoking

The Motivation to Quit Smoking
Nicole Crawley
August 23, 2010
Psychology 355

The Motivation to Quit Smoking
Motivation is driven by psychological and physiological needs along with personality traits. These psychological and physiological needs are what push behavior. Drives are derived from deprivation. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains how deprivation causes drives. The need for food and water is motivation for survival. It is driven by a deficiency. People are motivated from inside to satisfy their needs. Personality traits also influence motivation.   For example an extrovert is more motivated by external influences where an introvert is more motivated by internal influences.
The goal and Motivation
Smoking is one of the most popular addictive habits in the United States. Smoking kills at least one in every five people. The motivation to quit smoking initiates the arousal of behavior. The arousal of behavior is concerned with what pushes a person towards a specific goal. In order for a person to have the motivation to quit smoking one must have internal energy which is the drive to achieve a specific goal. Motivation is the drive that one needs in order to be successful.
Brief study of the Insula
There was a study taken which showed that damage to the insula (part of the brain that controls conscious urges) quit smoking and never had the urge to do it again .Twelve of 13 patients with damage to the insula quit smoking soon after their brain damage, never started smoking again, found it easy to quit, and, after quitting, never again felt the urge to smoke. In other words, they lost their smoking addiction. Loss of smoking addiction occurred in only four of 19 patients without insula damage. The experience of the patient who said his body forgot the urge to smoke "suggests that the insula plays a role in the feeling that smoking is a bodily need," Bechara and colleagues conclude. None of the insula-damaged...

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