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Movies / Cinema Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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Lumiere brothers were fascinated to create a cheaper and efficient movie camera after their father bought them very expensive prototype camera from United States.1 They were able to create a cheaper movie camera compared to prototype camera and projection and printer device called cinematograph. Cinematograph was portable and film only used 16 frames per second and can be viewed by many people at a time using projection.1 Only flaw with Kinetoscope was only one person can view at a time and used 49 frames / sec film for projection.2 Lumiere brothers first public demonstrated the device and movie to public in Dec 1985. People loved the movie displayed using cinematograph where more than one people can see it at a time. Short movies of everyday people’s life style, culture of people around the world where shown on in cinema to public in various countries. Lumiere brothers created several short movies for example Workers leaving factory, Gardner watering plants, Train pulling into the Garc de la Ciotat and so on.3 Movies did not have any sound or stage effects or light effect or multi-angle camera effect or story scripts. When people saw this view movie first time in open public in Grand Café in Paris they were fascinated and word spread around very quickly. People were amused and were willing to pay to see movies created by Lumiere brothers. Some people screamed and felt as if Train pulling into Movie Theater instead of station.4 I believe that Lumiere brothers did good job marketing and displaying their new all in one device cinematograph.   Thank’s to Lumiere brothers creating a cheaper and portable device cinematograph and can be shown to multiple people at a time and mail the film around the world, so people in other countries can learn about the other country culture and lifestyle of the people.
In late 1896 George Méliès, discovery came from when camera jammed during making movie and after developing film he found out certain effects can be created using the...

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