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Mr. Compton Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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. Compton, California
Assessment Report on Mr. Compton, California

Client Name: Mr. Compton, California
Address: Los Angeles County, Southern California, West Coast, and North America
Description of client: Mr. Compton, California was born on May 11, 1888, and was 123 years old at the time of his assessment. Mr. Compton was a very cynical and sharp minded individual. He had a dry sense of humor, along with impeccable fashion. He came into the assessment with a pinstripe tailored suit, and sharp looking shoes. Mr. Compton looked at many of his past experiences as achievements of growth, and development.   He is a very wise man, and has an abundant knowledge in criminal justice, due to his environment. He is a tough character, does not take any attitude from anyone. At times Mr. Compton would stay quiet, and there were times when I could not get him to stop talking. He felt a type of confidence when explaining his past, and present stories.
Presenting Problem: Mr. Compton, California has gone through many ups and downs through his lifetime. He has accepted everyone no matter of social status, religion, ethnicity, race or background. He has treated everyone with respect and understanding; yet, he does not receive the same treatment back. He fully accepts anyone and treats every one equally with respect; there have been some who have not shown that same respect or treatment. Have personal attacks and riots. A major down fall was in 1992 when the Rodney King trial’s outcome left many outraged. People went to the streets and started riots, and looting, and burning many small business stores and restaurants. Many attempted to flee from the violence and destruction surrounding Mr. Compton. The Hub as his friends know him by, was destroyed, taking Mr. Compton months to fix himself up.  
History: Mr. Compton born to mother Alta, California, making Mr. Compton, California of a Mexican background. Mr. USA then adopted him, in 1848 after losing his parents to the...

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