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Mr. Gonzales Essay

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  • on November 10, 2010
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Chapter 2- Section 1: Imperial Conflicts and Rival Colonial Models

The Spanish and the French differed because the Spanish forced the Indians to covert to Catholicism and to work digging gold and farming for large estates. As it stated on page 40, “In Mesoamerica the Spanish colonial regime forced the Indians to convert to Catholicism and to work digging gold and farming large estates.” In contrast the French didn’t really bother the natives. As it stated on page 40, “In the Fur-Trading empires created by the French and the Dutch, the native people retained their lands and political autonomy…”

The Spanish, French, Dutch, and English pursued contrasting methods of settlement because each had a different belief system. For example the Spanish believed it was best if they converted the Indians to Catholicism and put them to work. The French and the Dutch didn’t bother the natives as much because they were more focused on trading with the natives for their fur pellets. As it was stated on page 40, “Despite the differing goals of these colonial regimes- the exploration of native labor by the Spanish, the trading of furs by the French and the Dutch, the creation of farming communities by the English…”

The New World was important to the European government because they seen it as a way to acquire more land, gold and other riches. As stated on page 39, “Although the risks were great and the rewards uncertain, tens of thousands of Europeans crossed the Atlantic during the seventeenth century, driven by poverty and prosecution at home or drawn by the lures of the New World: land, gold, and- as another Puritan migrant put it- the hope of   “propagating the Gospel to these poor barbarous people.”

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