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Mr.Jolly Essay

  • Submitted by: AiaAntonio
  • on November 24, 2012
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                                          Mr. Jolly

                  Principal Davis and a very fat man standing in the hall.
                  Principal Davis introduce his new janitor in the four kids. “He is our new janitor” said the Principal Davis
                Mr. Jolly smiled at them . his blue eyes ,and a smile barely be seen from uder his thick white beard and mustache. A thin curl of smoke circled above the pipe he puffed
                “ We sure are glad to meet you” said melody. “I bet you are”said Mr. Jolly. He took the mop in Eddie and start to clean the mess . “ Have a recess” said Mr.Jolly in the kids
                    “He sure to worked fast Liza said
                    “Who cares Eddie

    This is my favorite part. Mr Jolly is the fat man and he is a kind janitor because when Principal Davis introduce him. He took the mop and start to clean the mess .Actually Eddie is a worse kid they knew in the class. Because of no manner and he never doing the right thing

was concluded that this story have a lesson from all the readers

No.1:do the right thing
No.2: have a manner in the older in you

                        A Jolly disaster {reaction paper}

                Eddie start to get rid of Mr. Jolly .He ask to the girls that he already figured out a plan . But the girls did not help Eddie from his plan. “Fine” I don’t your help anyway . I’ll do it myself said Eddie . When they back in their classroom .Eddie raised his hand and said “Mrs. Ewing may I go to the bathroom he said . “but hurry” said Mrs. Ewing . He dashed in to the boys bathroom and stuffed every roll of toilet paper. When he came in the classroom .Eddie sat down and winked at howie ear . “You got to see this” said Eddie .When Howie go from the bathroom .She did not see anything mess “You liar” said Howie . Mr. Jolly already clean it up . Eddie shock when he saw

            Eddie is a worse kid they knew in the class . He figure out a plan how to destroy Mr....

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