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Music Essay

  • Submitted by: akeemo
  • on November 25, 2012
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               Making It In The Music Industry
Every individual has a clear but gloomy understanding on whom or what they would like to become in life. Some might say it all depends on where you stand in society, what family and what type of back ground are you categorized in? Maybe the region which you were born in raised places you in society as a dreamer or in better words a wishful thinker. There’s a quote that most Americans in lower class areas go by and that is, “seeing is believing”. If you can see yourself as being a doctor, musician, governor or lawyer you can become just that. Young African- American men in the more urban communities commonly see there self as the next big rapper on television. This is a modern day fact that our surroundings, peers and society molds young African- American men from birth into becoming a rap star. Spoken in the word of Dennis Hopper he says, “"Just because it happened to you, doesn't mean it's interesting". I truly believe with great success comes a long road of struggle and pain no one man will achieve greatness without a story to tell.
I was raised in a lower class community where you’re likely to hear gunshots, sirens, and arguments all night. Beside the fact of hearing those evening gestures, pro dominantly you would hear music. No matter what was going on music would over power and lift spirits to another level. Music has always been a powerful interaction, even when the Greek first made the word up. Later passed to Rome where they begin creating poetry, a form of literary art which uses the aesthetic qualities of language to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning. Until the 18th century, the processes of formal composition and of the printing of music took place for the most part with the support of patronage from aristocracies and churches. The music industry began in the early 1800s when Thomas Edison discovered a method of recording which changed the world...

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