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Music Essay

  • Submitted by: thuyngan
  • on November 18, 2010
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1. In my opinion, because The United States is often said to be a cultural melting pot(The United States is a melting pot consisting of numerous ethnic groups), I think different kinds of music divide people by culture and class. “American of all backgrounds have contributed to the development of the nation’s musical varieties. Regional, ethnic, and class differences have inspired diverse musical styles”( Impression 1, American Music, page 121). Musical divisions based on class are not absolute, however, and are sometimes as much perceived as actual;[3] popular American country music, for example, is a commercial genre designed to "appeal to a working-class identity, whether or not its listeners are actually working class".[4] Country music is also intertwined with geographic identity, and is specifically rural in origin and function; other genres, like R&B and hip hop, are perceived as inherently urban. For example, Spiritual music was primarily expressions of religious faith, sung by slaves on southern plantations. Rock- and-roll is the new sound of American popular music appealed to young people. Country music is primarily a fusion of African American blues and spirituals with Appalachian folk music, adapted for pop audiences and popularized beginning in the 1920s. Rock was an urban style, formed in the areas where diverse populations resulted in the mixtures of African American, Latin and European genres ranging from the blues and country to polka and zydeco. R& B only used for one group of people. It was not suitable for audiencs wh   o was black people. Classical music is usually prefered to upper- class and white people.\
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  3. Hip hop has often been credited with helping to reduce inner-city gang violence by replacing physical violence with dance and artwork battles.    The lexicon of hip-hop has infiltrated mainstream culture. Words such as "phat" (cool), "hood" (neighborhood) and "chill" (relax) have all entered everyday...

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