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My Anthropology Essay

  • Submitted by: houli5
  • on November 25, 2012
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My Anthropology
It is our nature as humans to have problems and obstacles we have to deal with. No human is perfect but it is our mission to deal with our problems by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. God put us on this earth to fulfill his word and if we are successful we are rewarded with an eternity of salvation in heaven. Being truly human is having flaws and correcting them to the best of our ability.
A common human problem faced today is the capacity for a relationship with God. People believe they can just say they are a follower of God but never act or practice their faith. Going to church and praying is a very important part of Christianity but when you go to mass our you immersing yourself in god’s word and when your praying do you really mean every word you say. This is what separates a true Christian from others who just pose as Christians. I understand it takes a great deal of faith to be Christian, there is no physical proof that Jesus rose from the dead and God created earth but, if you call yourself a Christian you can still question whether everything proclaimed is true but you are obliged to not be passive with your faith but act on it and with your actions show your love for God.
There is no universal solution to this problem. Every person’s solution depends on them. They have to have the drive and determination to put God before everything else. It is not easy I know from experience, I struggle with it every day. It comes down if deep inside you this is what you really want. If so then it can be done. We do have to make some sacrifices for God but nothing compares to the one he made for us, so we should not complain but just obey. Put God first that’s all we as Christians have to do, it

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