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My Friend Essay

  • Submitted by: jevithasri
  • on November 18, 2010
  • Category: English
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                R.I.P : Daniel   Lautner

I   fell   into   a deep   reverie   about   my   friend   Daniel   Lautner .

It   was   my first day   in this college . I   paced   with   great   enthusiasm   and   hope   after   enduring   enormous   toil   in   my   secondary   school . On   first   day   itself   I   met   a   guy . More   to   say ,there are   no   world   in   my   vocabulary   to   describe   about   his   appearance . He   was   so   tall , gold-complexion , funky hairstyle and so on . Perfect   indeed . It was not planned for the two of us to meet nor to become friends. That's why I believe in the power a coincidence could have of powerful influence on people's lives and destinies.

          Later , I met him once or twice at the beginning of the second year at classroom. He was attending the same lecture I was attending . A strange and an overwhelming feeling creeped all over my body for no reason. I sensed that his presence would cast a makeover in my life ,either good or bad , I would get in something with him. I felt that, and my instinct never lied to me.
He liked reading books more than anything else. He would spend hours reading a book or looking through a magazine. He was a bookworm indeed. He was also picky about choosing his stuff- and that exactly what made some of his colleagues look suspiciously at him and call him Weirdo. Anyway, days ran quite normally and no big change was smelled out in my life nor in his, I guess.
        ‘Alright   students , today I am going to give you an assignment   regarding   your project . And   for that ,you   have to form your own team consisting of only two . I guess I am making myself clear. Class disperse!’. ‘But , with who am I going to do it with?’,I whispered to myself . ‘Hello , would you mind forming a team with me?’ It was the same guy that I met on the very first day! I nodded in a courteous manner . His name was Daniel Lautner and he is from a royal family it seems.   He was rather an...

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