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My Learning Style as Regards Language Learning Essay

  • Submitted by: erojasrojas
  • on November 18, 2013
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My learning style as regards language learning
                                                                        Enrique Rojas R.

I am supposed to write about my learning style in what regards language learning and I have been wondering if I in fact do have a style of learning when it comes to acquiring language. Reviewing my past I would have to conclude that the way I received and internalized most of what was going to constitute my native language, and my second language as well, was through sound. The words, pregnant with significance and ideas, came into my brain through my ears. (I imagine God must have put one of them in each side of my face so I didn’t miss anything that was said around me). Later I discovered I could read words.

Perhaps we should ponder if every learner is to be considered a student. The reader must be warned that I am far from what most of the authors would consider a “first-class language apprentice.” The main reason for that is that the so called “good language learner” performs in a classroom and in a formal learning situation which is not the way in which I learned both of my languages. I just learned by being in a place where those languages were spoken and listened to people speaking. But that is the way in which everybody learns their mother tongue. Well, I learned my second language in exactly the same way, so I would say the circumstances made of me an “aural learner.” Although I am still in doubt if I deserved the label of student. At least probably not in the traditional sense.

But not everybody is supposed to learn in the same way. Patricia Mougel, Director of Language Instruction, Department of French and Italian, University of Minnesota, comes to the rescue saying: “Most researchers have rejected the notion of a single profile of the ‘good language learner’ because over the years research studies have shown that there can be striking differences among equally successful language learners.” (Mougel)   And that...

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