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My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: Avona24
  • on November 25, 2012
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Mother’s worth as a role model and guardian is indisputable. There is no substitute to a mother for a baby. Mother plays an extremely significant role in nurturing a newborn. It is exceedingly vital for a mother to devote time in looking after her baby. Contemporary studies have established that it is very crucial for mothers to spend most of their time in guiding and sustaining their babies, both physically as well as psychologically, especially in the initial years of their nourishment. Nannies and relatives are quite helpful but they simply cannot substitute a mother’s compassion for the baby.

Mothers definitely have a major role to play in nurturing their newborns, but their responsibility is not restricted to newborns only. Mothers have to perform a crucial role in the life of their babies, irrespective of their age.

A mother in addition plays a significant part in promoting a child’s career when he or she matures. Since, a mother is fully aware of the abilities and failings in her child she can appropriately guide her child to select the profession that is best for him or her.

Key individual
A mother is regarded as the most key individual in the life of a child.
Although fathers too have a vital role to play, the truth is that it is the mother who happens to be the affectionate and caring figure in the life of the child.
It is the mother who brings the child to this world after nurturing her for nine months in her womb.
Working Mothers
Owing to the rising need for mothers to seek employment, children are frequently kept in childcare centers quite early in their life.
Support is important, but none can take the place of the mother, who is the most significant individual in the life of a child.
Questions have cropped up whether the childcare provider can effectively cater to the requirements of the child in the same way as the mother.
The answer is an obvious ‘no’ which has been confirmed by studies which reveal that a provider can cater to...

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