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My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: baybiidoll
  • on November 14, 2010
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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You say that you’re never going to be good enough but how do you think I feel, being called lazy all the time, you telling me that not only am I physically slow but I’m mentally as well. And even though you don’t say it straight to my face, you mock me about my weight, and I laugh about it because you tell me you love me no matter what. And I believe it but I feel in a way it does bother you. You ask me to do something and when I’m half way through doing it you tell me not to worry and take over, because like I said, you tell me I’m too slow. Why bother ask me to do something if you’re going to take over anyway? So how do you think I feel? Do you think I feel like I’m good enough for you? All I asked from you was to back me up when your friends disrespect me. This is our relationship and they just stick their noses in any time they want and you say nothing. I get hurt, I cry and cry about what they tell me and you don’t even do anything about it. It feels like you care more about what your friends will do than what I will. Like you know I’m going to stay no matter what they say to me. But what happens if I leave? Will you be happy because your friends have you then? I love you so much and will fight for you with every single breath I have, but I’m breaking. My heart is so sore and as hard as I’m trying to fight for you, the battle gets harder. And it feels like you’re on the opposite side of me. You say you were joking today but I’ve told you a thousand times, there are just those certain jokes that cross the line and make me upset. And that what happened today. You can tell I was getting angry but you just didn’t stop. And then you completely over react and say you can’t speak, you can’t joke, you can’t sing. Have I ever complained when you sing? Have I ever complained when you have a conversation about how your day was to me? Do I not laugh at your jokes? What made me cry today was that you tell me to stop yelling at you, when I wasn’t even in the first place,...

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