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My Report

  • Submitted by: riithra
  • on November 23, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The Personal Safety Talk

Let me start off by saying that children are our future and that the happiness and mental state do matter in the society we live in. If that is taken away from them then their childhood could possibly be scarred and haunted by certain event. I am mainly talking the personal safety of it all.

Speaking from experience, I can say that learning about personal safety would be very beneficial for the children, no matter young as four or as old as eighteen. Knowing about what is right and wrong and saying ‘NO’ to certain certain acts can take a child a long way.

I have recently conducted a Personal Safety talk with my classmate and friend Roxanne on the 2nd November at a local orphanage, Ti-Ratana Welfare Society Malaysia. Children from seven to twelve years old attended this talk and from the looks of things, it was a successful event. A total of ten children were present and we started off with a ‘hookey pookey’ dance just to warm up the children. After that we moved on to the serious part of it all, the talk of personal safety.

While I was giving the talk, there was this particular girl that caught my attention. She was quiet and rather petite. At first I thought she was just shy. But after a while of observing her I had a feeling that something was wrong. This is because when we started talking about the private parts of a girl and boy and that no one is allowed to touch there and that is wrong. Her face changed into a sad and confused expression. I had no choice but to continue with the talk and as soon as it ended and when it was time to just get to know the children, that is when I approached her and spoke to her.

Her name was Adira and she was seven years old. She comes from a family of a single mother and an elder brother.   Her mother works as a factory worker and her brother is thirteen years old. As she was talking to me and telling about her family, I could see the sadness in her eyes and the fear when she spoke about...

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