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My Sister Essay

  • Submitted by: AbiiPao0
  • on November 18, 2013
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Name: Paola Viana
Grade: Prep C

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll be there not matter what.--- Amy   Li Because she is always coming up with new crazy things, Diana, my sister, understands the crazy side of my personality. When we are together is like joining two clouds aside. Both of us are inseparable best friends. We love spending time together. I can say that we are very different from any other member of our family because we like to make differences; we love making new things, and be unique most of the time. She has encourage me through the tough times, she understands me better than any other does, and she cares a lot for her loved ones.
My sister has always encourage me through the tough times and taught me important lessons along the way. Sometimes we come across a person who changes our whole perspective on life. Luckily, that person is my own sister. My sister helped me grow into the person I am because of that I will always admire her. My sister, Diana, taught me important life lessons like patience, honesty, and optimism. She showed me that in the tough times giving up is not an option, that I have to keep going no matter what happens. She helped me realize that while you may not always be able to get what you want you can make the best out of what you have. My sister has always been there for me, through the gratifying and dreadful times, and I know she will continue to be there for me. She was always there to show me that things weren’t as bad as it was making them out to be. When things didn’t go my way she would told me to be patient and they would come and they always did. She always told me to look forward; but this simple lesson she had taught me has change my whole outlook on life. It taught me that I always have to keep a positive attitude no matter what happens. She is my forever best friend.

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