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My Son Essay

  • Submitted by: vicgla39
  • on November 2, 2010
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "My Son" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Victoria Glass

Chapter 1 Review Questions
1 .URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator (c)
2. The process through which a browser assembles and formats an HTML document is called parsing or rendering (c)  
3. With which tag pair should all HTML documents begin and end?   <html>…</html>   (c)
4. Which element is required in the <head> element?   <title> (d)
5. What must you place on the first line of an XHTML document?   a <!doctype> declaration (d)
6. DTD stands for Document Type Definition (d)
7. Which XHTML DTD(s) allows you to continue using deprecated elements? Strict (c)
8. Which of the following closes the empty <hr> element in an XHTML document, thus making it backward-compatible with the older browsers?   <hr\> (a)
9. The information contained within an element’s opening and closing tags is referred to as its content (a)
10. Block-level elements give a Web page its structure (b)
11. Inline is used for describing the text that appears on a Web page (c)
12. Which of the following elements is a block-level element?   <p> (b)
13. You should designate the language of your elements using the lang and xml : lang attributes (c)
14. Which standard attribute can you use to create a ToolTip for an element?   Title (d)
15. What is the correct syntax for creating a bookmark that is compatible with both older and newer browsers?

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