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Mytholgy Come Theology Essay

  • Submitted by: demerss2002
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Tables of Myths
Shirley Demers
Excelsior College
November 17, 2013

  1. Amma and Nummo Prepare the World:
      a. Nigeria, Africa – Dogon Tribe
      b. Type of Myth:   Secretion Myth
        i. Amma wanted a child with the Earth
        ii. Amma attempt to have child came out to be a jackal
        iii. Amma had twins called Hummo, one girl and one boy
        iv. The twins where human on top and serpent on the bottom
        v. Nummo represented light and water
        vi. They went down to earth bearing plants and wove fibers of plants around the world
        vii. By their action wind arose and language began
        viii. The jackal became jealous because earth had a language and the jackal store the clothing that had the language
        ix. Amma became upset by the attack on earth, that he created living things without her (Earth).
        x. Nummo realize with this action there would be no more twins.   To make sure twins would continue, they drew on the ground a picture of male and female.   According to tradition all humans have both a male and a female soul at birth.
  2. The Creation, from The Eddas
      c. Iceland – Norse Myth
      d. Type of Myth: Secretion and Sacrifce Myth
        xi. Ymir – frost giant: perspires out first man, women and cow
        xii. Ymir’s descendants kill him and use his body to create the Earth
  1. Flesh = earth ; bones = mountains; blood = lakes
        xiii. Gods create Asgard – a sort of heaven
  3. From Chaos to King Zeus, from Hesiod’s Theogony
      e. Gods
        xiv. Chaos (Kronos)
        xv. Gaia
        xvi. Ouranos
        xvii. Eros
      f. The Beginning
        xviii. CHAOS - EREBOS-->BLACK NIGHT
        xix. NIGHT - AIR & DAY (Children)
        xx. A God is in love with EROBOS
        xxi. GAIA (earth) birth to OURANOS
        xxii. GAIA birth to High Mountains...

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