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The Perception of Business Administration Students of
Fujairah College towards Virtual Mall

A Capstone-Research Proposal Submitted to
Dr. Burton A. Aggabao, in partial fulfillment of the requirements
Business 400208. Research Methodology

First Semester, Academic Year 2013-2014
Table of Contents
The Problem and Its Background 3
Conceptual Framework (Research Paradigm) 4
Statement of the Problem 5
Hypotheses of the Study 5
Significance of the Study 6
Scope and Delimitations of the Study 7
Definitions of Terms 7
Chapter II 8
Review of Related Literature 8
Chapter III 9
Methodology 9
Research Design 9
Population Frame and Sampling Technique 9
Description of Respondents 9
Data Gathering Instruments 9
Statistical Treatment of Data 10
Bibliography 11


The Problem and Its Background

Conceptual Framework (Research Paradigm)
Based on your readings, how are the key concepts or the key variables in your study related to one another?
Can you put that in the form of a diagram?
(in the diagram, use an arrow to indicate a cause-and-effect relationships,   solid line to indicate a simple relationship, and a broken line to link a variable that you suspect has some connection with your study but which you will not measure.)

Statement of the Problem
This study will assess the perception of Business Administration Students of Fujairah College towards Virtual Mall, academic year 2012-2013.
Specifically, this study will attempt to answer the following questions:
1.   What are the Profile of Business students, in terms of?
1.1 Age
1.2 Gender
1.3 Marital Status
2.   What is the level of perception of business students towards virtual mall considering the following dimensions?
2.1   Privacy and security
2.2   Trust
2.3   …
2.4 ..
3.   What are the problems encountered by the students when they shop- in the virtual mall?
4.   Is...

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