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Narration for Brookfarm and Coffee House Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Our journey begins in 1840, the American renaissance. The works of emerging writers and artists in the pre-civil war period made up what we know today as the American renaissance, the blooming of American art and literature that was unlike that of any other country. America was flourishing in its own developing culture, art, music, and literature, it reflected the basis of American beliefs and unique attitudes. In that, the Lyceum Movement emerged, the followers of this movement stood for the educational rights of all people. Sympathizers believed in education continuing through the entirety of one’s lifetime for any and all people. It insured that no matter who a person was, there would be no stopping anyone from getting an education.
Another emerging idea during this period was transcendentalism. The transcendental movement was a philosophical breakthrough based on the ideas of the connection between the connection between the individual soul and the divine and the natural world around us. Also in this age, the abolition movement was in full swing. Nineteenth century abolitionists shared many of the philosophies of the transcendentalists, and based on the beliefs of individual rights, they fought to free the slaves in the south and end slavery in the in the united states entirely. This movement set the basis for some of the most memorable and revolutionary movements in American history, and also provided the spark to ignite the roaring fire that was the Civil war. Two influential social reformers that led to the Abolitionist movement were William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips. Garrison’s approach to demand change was very unique, he began in his attack by admitting that he is harsh, but then goes on to use that to his advantage. He accurately illustrated the harsh realities that the slaves endured and made a lasting impression by making the point that slaves are not property to be owned and sold, that they are people and they deserve to be treated like...

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