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Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: redbone77
  • on November 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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When I as 14 years old when I was placed in a group home in New Castle, Pa.   I was a troubled youth; started skipping school, stayed out on the weekends, and never came home from school until late into the night. My mother was starting to get into trouble for my truancy so she had to do something about it and placed me in a group home. One night after being in the group home for about 3 months me and another girl decided we would run away one night after they did a head count. Head count was at 9pm when the staff came around and counted us to make sure we were all where we were supposed to be “there”.  
It was a cool September night.   My friend Jennifer and I opened the window (we had regular windows) opened the screen and jumped out the window…   When my feet hit the ground, I took off running as fast as I could. I ran through the dark woods trying not to make any noise however it was September and the leaves on the ground crunched every single step I took. The twigs were breaking off of trees because we were quickly running through them.   Continually looking over my shoulder to make certain the staff wasn’t chasing us; Thoughts are racing in my head, where are we going?, who’s going to help us?, God I hope they don’t catch us; hope the boogie man doesn’t pop out from behind these trees or bushes… Felt like I was being sought after. We ran through the woods at lightning speed; it took us about 5 minutes to get to the point where we thought we were in the clear.   As I was bent over catching my breath, wiping the sweat off of my face, I looked up and realized that we were in front of a huge corn field and the corn stalks were as tall as we were.   No roads, no houses, nothing insight but acres of corn.   Jennifer and I looked at each other without any words being said, we knew we were in way to deep, but it was too late to turn back now, we are supposed to be in bed; we couldn’t get back into that place the same way we came out, so we had to...

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