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Narrative Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Lost: The Wilderness
My family and I realized that just beyond the trees was where we had parked the car. Mikey – my little brother - was as happy as could be. “Food!”, Mikey shouted as we neared the car, that was parked next to the horse stables where we had started just 3 and ½ hours earlier.
Grand Teton National Park is a wonderful park to be in, especially in the summer when the animals have just had their babies. My family and I had just arrived there. We decided to go out for a drive after dinner to look for some animals and take pictures. The next day, my dad decided to take us out on a five mile hike. The trailhead started at a horse stable. The stable smelled like a forest that had just been rampaged by a heard of frightened deer. After an hour of walking though the mosquito infested woods, we were in the middle of the forest with no (human) trails around us. I looked around and knew we were lost.
      I started to get worried that we weren’t going to get home in time for dinner. When I asked my dad where we were, he told us that we weren’t very far from where we started and he said that he knew how to get back. When my dad says that he knows where he’s going, I normally trust his sense of direction, but not in the middle of the woods. I knew that it could take us an hour or more to get home. I told my dad that we needed to get home soon, because Mikey was not feeling good and we didn’t have enough food left to get us through another 3 hours or more. At this point, he realized where he needed to go, and directed us in the right direction.
      We started following him through the woods. He led us to what looked like an animal trail. The trail was like a curving river, following the landscape whichever way it decided to go. We were not sure what kind of animal made this trail, we were pretty certain it was a bear, because we could smell the horrid smell of bear scat, and in an instant that is what we saw. We followed that until we came across...

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