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Nasa Funding Essay

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In 2011 N.A.S.A received an annual budget of about $19 billion dollars. Some argue whether or not NASA should be an expense the United States should pay for. In my belief I say yes, I say give them even more money. Simply because we have found great discoveries, it creates jobs and opportunities such as the New Mexico Spaceport,
NASA is funded billions of dollars every single year in order to further its technological advances on exploring outside of earth. NASA’s technology is very pricy for example, the Spitzer Space Telescope. It cost a total of $20 million dollars just to build it. The purpose of this telescope is to hopefully send it inside a black hole to see what happens, where it goes, and what’s could be inside. Not only was it built for just that but it is an inferred telescope which allows us to see past the dust in space to see what is beyond other telescopes cant see. Another great discovery that has been found is ice on mars. The phoenix mars lander project came to a grand total of $386 million dollars. Thanks to that mission we are able to further our discovery in which there may be a way to sustain life on mars. Water is the bases of all living things and if mars can sustain ice then there might be that chance of living on mars. We as humans are only exposed to what we see, hear, and learn hear on earth. Many of us don’t know what goes on beyond earth’s sky, but think about this. What if we stopped studying water for example? What if the day we discovered water was great for us and every living thing and stopped there? Where would we be? What I am trying get at is that we won’t know unless we learn about something. We can’t learn about anything without resources and resources cost money. We have to make sacrifices in order to gain something better in return. Heck we may even find the cure for cancer on another planet, but who knows?
NASA creates jobs no doubt about it. People need to be well educated to work for NASA, which means going to school....

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