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Native Americans Essay

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  • on November 11, 2010
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History Compass 3 (2005) NA 129, 1–17
Indians and Race in Early America:
A Review Essay
Joshua Piker
University of Oklahoma
This article explores the contours of a newly vibrant literature on American Indians
and race in early America by reviewing the conclusions offered in ten books
published between 2001 and 2004. It focuses on three issues: the Euro-American
move toward racializing Indians; the Native Americans’ own perspectives on
difference and race; and the degree to which the beliefs of Native and Euro-
Americans emerged as a consequence of cross-cultural conversations.
Traditionally, the discussion of race in early America has relied upon a
series of interlinked dichotomies: race/ethnicity, biology/culture, inherent/
learned, slave/free, and, most centrally, black/white. Legacies of these
binaries remain with us today, primarily in our teaching but also, to some
extent, in our research. Even as several generations’ worth of scholarship
has called into question the assumptions underlying these oppositions, and
even as the deconstructionist assault has undermined the legitimacy of
dichotomous constructions more generally, we continue to find it difficult
to escape the dead hand of past structures and inherited frameworks.
Nowhere has this been more clear than in the halting and incomplete
incorporation of Native American peoples and perspectives into our
conversation about race in early America. As recently as 1997, Joyce Chaplin
could baldly but accurately assert that “Indians have been neglected
in interpretations of American racism”; two years later, Kathleen Brown
could suggest “there may be an interesting history of early modern racial
formation yet to be written about the Englishman and the Indian.”
comments strongly suggest that the periodic invocation of “red, white,
and black” and the appearance of an occasional essay focused on Natives
notwithstanding, the literature on...

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