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Negotiation Quiz Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Chapter 01
The Nature of Negotiation

Fill in the Blank Questions

1. People ____________ all the time. 


2. The term ____________ is used to describe the competitive, win-lose situations such as haggling over price that happens at yard sale, flea market, or used car lot. 


3. Negotiating parties always negotiate by __________. 


4. There are times when you should _________ negotiate. 


5. Successful negotiation involves the management of ____________ (e.g., the price or the terms of agreement) and also the resolution of __________. 


6. Independent parties are able to meet their own ____________ without the help and assistance of others. 


7. The mix of convergent and conflicting goals characterizes many ____________ relationships. 


8. The ____________ of people's goals, and the ____________ of the situation in which they are going to negotiate, strongly shapes negotiation processes and outcomes. 


9. Whether you should or should not agree on something in a negotiation depends entirely upon the attractiveness to you of the best available _______. 


10. When parties are interdependent, they have to find a way to ____________ their differences. 


11. Negotiation is a ____________ that transforms over time. 


12. Negotiations often begin with statements of opening __________. 


13. When one party accepts a change in his or her position, a ____________ has been made. ...

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