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Negroes in the American Revolution and the Civil War Essay

  • Submitted by: historychic78
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Negroes in the American Revolution and the Civil War" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Negroes in the American Revolution And the Civil War

      During this semester, I had noticed that negroes were not officially recognized by the white man for his service in the American Revolution and the Civil War. The negroes have been downplayed for most of American history until now. As more historians enter into the research field, they are finding more documents and information that has proven that these men have done far more than what was actually written in the textbooks. I was assigned to take a look at one monogram and two external resources to back up what the book was talking about as far as evidence goes. I believe I found two great examples of negroes taking charge and showing the United States that they are just as good or even better than the white men who are given free reign over what can or cannot be done in the military. These men proved that when put into a war situation that they can stand up and take a bullet without any complaints. Sure some may have gone AWOL when the time came but it is proven that the black militia had a lot less men who went AWOL compared to the regular militias. I will be talking about the negroes who made many contributions to the United States military which helped with working towards not only their freedom but also making that step into the next phase to where negroes can be accepted into another part of society where they were thought to be stupid and couldn’t handle the pressures of military life.

I begin with Benjamin Quarles’s book, “The Negro in the American Revolution.” Quarles had used many resources of manuscripts and published sources which you can find in his bibliography in the book. Quarles notices that during the Revolutionary War, it had brought benefits for the Negro because it began a disturbance that started to shake up for the negro community. We also see that with this book, Quarles covers not just the military contributions with the negroes but he also looks into the importance of...

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