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Neoforma Mastercase Essay

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Neoforma Master Case
Based on the book Starting Something By Wayne McVicker

To Accompany

Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management 3rd Edition
By Kaplan & Warren

© 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All content used with permission from Wayne McVicker.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction List of Diary entries: Prequel - How did it all start? Opportunity Creation, Partners, Formation Month Zero: The First Risky Step Month Two: Early Stumbles Month Three: Hiring a Friend Month Four: Working Two Jobs Month Five: Building the Team Month Eleven: Swimming Among Sharks Month Twelve: Going Full-Time Month Fourteen: The Mentor Month Fifteen: Dealing with Angel Investors Month Eighteen: The “Super” Angels or “Players” Month Nineteen: Owners or Investors? Month Twenty-One: Living on the Edge Month Twenty-Three: On the Brink – Funding at Last – THE Business Plan Month Twenty-Four: Creating a Corporate Identity Month Twenty-Five: The First Law Suit Month Twenty-Six (A): Positioning the Company for Further Investment Month Twenty-Six (B): Dressing up for the Venture Capitalists Month Twenty-Seven: Delegating Month Twenty-Nine: Thoughts on Control and Corporate Culture Month Thirty: Group Hiring at Buck’s Café Month Thirty-One: Product Development Under Pressure Month Thirty-Two: Turning up the PR Month Thirty-Three: Depression Month Thirty-Six: Divide and Conquer Month Thirty-Seven: Indecisive Leadership Month Thirty-Nine: Finding a New CEO Month Forty: More Team Building, Cultural Shift, and Another Lawsuit Month Forty-One: Acquisitions and Corporate Culture Month Forty-Two: Money, Greed, & Conflicts of Interest Month Forty-Five: Not rich YET! Month Forty-Six: The IPO Month Forty-Seven: Rejection – Again Month Forty-Nine: Shark Attacks Month Fifty: Downsizing Month Fifty-One: Cashing-in Month Fifty-Two: Residual Values and Culture Month Fifty-Seven: The Parting – and the Sequel Four Years Later: Purchase
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