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Nepotsim in the Workplace Essay

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Nepotism in the workplace has its pros and cons but how someone feels is determined on what side of the fence they stand. Some of the pros arguments are family unity, the collaboration, requires less training, putting in overtime and family inheritance. Many workplaces are starting to lean more towards family members and friends during these tough economic times and offering them opportunities within their establishment. There is already some establishment of some “skin in the game” about that family member and knowing that person would give devotion and dedication in not making the company look bad. Nepotism generally presents lower recruiting costs by inexpensively identifies a pool of possible candidates for current positions. Family members typically have a vast knowledge about the company they are joining which helps reduce the training cost. It also has the potential to create higher levels of loyalty, moral, and trust because it in establishments where there is a high degree of family involvement have a high degree of problem solving and critical thinking within each other. The biggest pro to nepotism is building a legacy of a company to one day hand down that company off to his children is more likely to favor nepotism.
Nepotism in the workplace also has its cons. It raises the question “is it ethical”, it creates resentment, potentially weak employees, erodes the ability to do business, and puts the breaks on growth .It is possible that the company is ill-served when a family member is automatically promoted to a position of authority rather than employee who is better qualified and passed up due to his family relationship. With the promotion of nepotism in the company resentment and anger can cause problem for that individual promoted. Co-workers may not respect that person because they may feel it was an unfairly promotion, the system is unfair and because of the basis of bloodline less talented people are hired. If employees are affected by nepotism in...

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