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New England Slave Institution Was A Unique One Essay

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  • on November 3, 2010
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The New England slave institution was a unique one. Most people would call it a society with slaves, unlike the south were pretty much everything was one hundred percent dependent upon slavery and it is a slave society. However to the enslaved, slavery is nothing more than slavery. In the text by Adams and Pleck , Love of Freedom the two scholars showed just that, the true love of freedom. Adams and Pleck’s theme in their text is to illustrate how the black enslaved women of New England viewed and interrupted slavery and described how these women used religion, the legal system, marriage, owning land and their literacy on a relentless quest for freedom .
      Religion for slaves, have always been a large tool use in their fight for freedom. Religion helped them to move on to the next day. Religion wasn’t used practically for the true faith in be a Christian, but more as a weapon in the battles of seeking freedom. In the chapter entitled, “Spiritual Thirsting” Adams and Pleck, gives examples of the strategic ways in which the black woman of New England used religion to battle their way to freedom. The whites of New England justified slavery by referring to the verse Matt 11:29. Whites believed that the enslaved were outside of the grace of God. The whites believed that because the enslaved were outside of His grace they (the whites) had the right to enslave Africans. The slaves soon after converted to Christianity to be “under” the grace of God. Once the slaves converted to Christianity, they argued that they were covered by God grace and that the slaveholders’ actions were unjustifiable. In New England the legal system work for the enslaved because slaves had dual status as people and property giving them access to the court, they were able to receive aide from attorneys in the area. The courts system help liberate a total of fourteen black women.

      In “An Imperfect God: George Washington, his slaves and the creation of
America”, Scholar Henry Wiencek...

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