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Nicki and Roman Essay

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Smoking has always been a controversial topic. People know that smoking is bad for you but still do it anyway.   In New York City and most other places you have to be eighteen to buy cigarettes, however some people think the minimum age to buy cigarettes should be raised to twenty-one. In recent weeks lawmakers have signed a bill approving the age to be changed to twenty-one. This means any nineteen or twenty year old that could buy tobacco products would lose that privilege.
There are many reasons why the smoking age should be increased to twenty-one. First smoking is bad for you and if the age is raised less people would start smoking and more people would not be able to smoke. Second many studies have shown that people start smoking before age twenty-one. By raising the age there will be less smokers in the world. Lastly it is better for the public because if less people are smoking there is less harmful smoke in the air.
There are also reasons why the age shouldn’t change. First regardless if the age to buy cigarettes increases teenagers will still smoke.   They will either use a fake identification card or buy them from a secret source. It would cause problems because people could resort to violence and crime to get tobacco.   Another reason to keep the age the same is because when you turn eighteen you can fight in the army. If you can carry a gun and kill people for your country you should be able to smoke a cigarette.
I believe that the age should stay the same. Raising the smoking age would cause violence and problems. People will protest and people with addictions to smoking may resort to crime. Also I turn eighteen in a week and I do not want one of my rights taken away from me. I do not smoke often but if I decided to I want to have the opportunity to the make the choice on my own. The government should not change the age.

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