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Night - Eli Wiesel Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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“Consequentialism” of Our World
As humans we have a had to make at least one poor or dishonest decision. We may have even tried to “sort things out” by twisting the truth or convincing ourselves that it was for the best. Even though at the time this may have seemed like a good idea, these small actions tend to affect who we are and what people think of us. Growing up I was always taught never to lie, even if its only a small matter, and especially don’t try to lie again to cover it up. Just like in a Veggie Tales episode we learn, lies only grow bigger and it is impossible to stop the lie from growing unless you confess. Sadly, lying is only one of many things we try to do to defend our wrongs. Even if we may have had a good ending to the situation, getting to that end may have involved lots of immoral things. Does the end ever justify the means, and if so when?

Consequentialism can be expressed as, "The end justify the means." There are many types of consequentialism, all of which result in someone or something benefiting at the end. Of course ends do justify the means sometime, like buying flowers, which means spending money to make someone happy. However if the flowers were stolen to make someone happy, was it worth it? Unfortunately as humans we often fall into the sin of vanity, only thinking of ourselves.

One of our world’s most devastating and heartbreakingly secret (at the time) events was the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler, the tyrant of Germany, had one goal: to make Germany strong and rebuild the Roman Empire. Adolf Hitler became vain in a bigger view; he overly loved Germany and the Aryans.   Hitler's goal alone seems decent for Germany but then consider the means of how Hitler was going to reach his goal; I don’t think the end justifies the means. Hitler was a very smart and tricky leader, probably one of the most persuasive leaders ever. He persuaded Germany to think highly of themselves as Aryans and turned them against people whom Hitler thought...

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