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No More Sad Goodbyes Essay

  • Submitted by: harrydog69
  • on October 30, 2010
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In the novel “No More Sad Goodbyes” written by Marilyn Reynolds, it tells the story of a young girl from her point of view. This young girl, Autumn, she goes out with her friend Jason for his birthday. After that night Autumn gets pregnant. She decides she will get an abortion, but a few days before her appointment her father and her grandmother are killed in a car crash. This is hard for Autumn because they were the only family she had left. Autumn goes into shock and forgets about the real world and because of this she misses her appointment.

An important idea in “No More Sad Goodbyes” is that life is full of hardship and grief. This is shown by Autumn’s father and grandmother dying and being left with nothing but a few friends. This is hard for Autumn as she has also just found out that she is pregnant from that one night with Jason and has to make a decision on what to do. You can tell this is hard for her because when she is told he father and grandmother have died “I don’t know what I’m hearing. The words don’t make sense to me.” I think that this is shown well in the novel by the way Autumn reacts; her reaction is shown in detail. From reading this I feel that Autumn is a very brave girl and that although she is suffering she is also strong.
We also learn that it is possible to get through when you have others to help you. This is shown in the novel by Autumns best friend Danni and Danni’s mother letting Autumn go live with them for a while. When Autumn is made to go live in a home, she tries to keep in touch even though the home won’t let her. When Autumn moves out of the home Danni travels a long way to see Autumn and find out things that she has been doing and what’s been happening with her. When Danni finds out that Autumn is pregnant “I sit down, but Danni is still standing at the door, Staring. At first I wonder if she is going to stay or go, but then she comes to the table and sits down.”From reading this I think that Danni is a great best friend...

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