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No Title Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Geo notes
Climaate Change
  * Longitude and Latitude are lines on a map that help us find the exact location of places. Lines of latitude are imaginary lines that run parallel to each other across the world from west to east.
  * Lines of Longitude are imaginary lines, which run up and down the world from North to South.
  * A glacier is a large block of ice that is constantly moving and has evolved over millions of years.
  * Climate is what you are expecting and is about long term records, trends and averages
  * Weather is what you get everyday day- to day
  * Climate change is a hotly debated issue that is frequently misunderstood
  * Climate change occurs naturally and has been done so in cycles throughout Earths history
  * The current concern is that the human activities are changing the composition of the atmosphere and triggering significant and damaging changes to the climate
  * Researchers have established that throughout the Earth’s 47 million year history, natural climate change has occurred in a series of cycles without any human interference
  * All the causes of climate change are still not fully understood
  * The three cycles in the Earth’s orbit that cause incoming radiation to vary are: eccentricity, Pression and tilt
  * The amount of radiation reaching the earth’s surfaces also varies according to the amount of the energy generated by the sun, which is not constant
  * Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the environments as a result of volcanic eruptions, decaying plant matter, evaporation from oceans and wild fires. During glacial periods the carbon dioxide levels fell while in the warmer interglacial they rose.
  * In London they emit greenhouse gases and heat their city up, the effect of this is the Themes river will rise and probably flood the city, they could build a higher wall and dam gate as preventation.
  * In Mumbai, the population is increasing which means so is the pollution, the effect is the...

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