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Nonhuman Primate Research Essay

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Nonhuman Primate Research
There is a huge debate over nonhuman primate. People who agree think that we would not be where we are today in several different medical areas. People who oppose feel like many of these primates are endangered and should just be left alone. So there are pros and cons to be heard and considered before making an informed decision on how you feel about it.
There are many who believe that nonhuman primate research is very beneficial. People who support this think that we have advanced in many areas in the medical field. They think that we   have a longer life span, decreased infant mortality, effective and curable treatments for many diseases, and also improved quality of life.
One major area they are researched is in curing or helping with infectious and life threatening diseases like HIV and heart disease. These primates are used in research into neurological studies, behavioral studies, genetics, to help better surgical procedures like brain and heart surgery   , vaccine and drug testing, and for reproduction studies.
Many feel that nonhuman primate research is critical in gaining insight and helping to advance in human medicine. In this post they state,   “Many argue that the lives of animals may be worthy of some respect, but the value we give on their lives does not count as much as the value we give to human life” (Animal Testing).   This research helps to learn and ensure the safety of drugs and other substances to humans (Animal Testing). Not only does some of this research help human lives, but it is also essential in helping animal lives as well.
Nonhuman primates are so similar to humans which is the reason many find their research important, but this is also the reason why many others disagree with the research. They feel that since they are so similar then they obviously feel pain like us as well. Their morality and wasteful costs and use are the main reasons they disagree.
When it comes to their morality, people...

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