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Nora"S Evolution Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Jessica Baliey
English lit 2
April 12, 2011
Nora’s Evolution
"In herself the woman is nothing. The woman can only justify her presence on the earth by dedicating herself to others; through deliberate self-effacement, duty and sacrifice she will discover the identity and raison d'être of which, by herself, she is deprived."( Basch )   Ibsen's play, "A Doll House," involves a woman who begins the play as an ordinary housewife of the 19th century and through a sequence of trials and tribulations becomes a self-liberating woman. The essay will provide a character analysis of the main character Nora Helmer and will answer the question was she justified in leaving her family.
Nora Helmer is a 19th century house wife in Norway. During that time woman were house makers. They kept the house, tended to the children, and made sure the husband was well taken care of, but from the very beginning of the story Nora is portrayed as a little girl. Nora’s husband throughout the entire play constantly treats her as a young child. Torvald is the main character responsible for his wife departure. For example, he is always calling Nora by a “pet name”, such as “little sky-lark” or “little squirrel” (Isben274, 276), as though she is his daughter, rather than his wife. He also restricts Nora from certain privileges, as a father would, like denying her the right to eat macaroons because it will ruin her teeth. (Isben276) She starts off the Act I by whistling as if she has not a care in the world. As the play goes on we start to see a change in Nora Character.
As the story unfolds we see more and more of Nora and Torvald marriage unfolding. Torvald is constantly annoyed with Nora. As a result of him being upset he tries to control everything she does. He continues to pester her after she denies it several times. Nora tells Torvald if he really loved her, he would not care about minor things like that.Torvald likes Nora for her looks and beauty, not her personality or character. Not...

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