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Norms Essay

  • Submitted by: kristianace
  • on November 17, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Norms and Society
A society contains a collection of both individuals and groups, but not every kind of group. Take for example the people watching a movie at the cinemas, or people in a grocery store, these people do not make a society. To define it as a society, the people has to be gathered in the same place over longer time, and they have got to have something in common that separates them from other societies, for example their form of government, or their culture. So to define a society, I copy from our book “It is a gathering of individuals or groups that over longer time lives in a form of community in a close to a limited geographical area.” (Menneske og Samfunn, s. 23)
A society might have major inner conflicts, such as ethnical, political, economical etc. We can find both large and small societies. We could define the world as on large society which holds many smaller ones, like England, which still is a large society that also contains many smaller and local societies.
When talking about a society, we could also bring up that it is a product developed by humans, with thoughts of their needs, behavior, numbers, gender, age etc. The creation happens through cooperation and conflicts, but it is also affected by conditions given by the nature such as climate and nature assets.
If you want an example of a huge society, we might take a starting point in Facebook, which is maybe one of the largest societies in the world. With Facebook’s over 500 million active users, facebook is the leading social network in 111 of 131 of the countries in the world. Over 50% of Facebook’s members is checking in daily and with an average of 130 friends per person, we might categorize this as a society that is growing with a huge speed. Inside Facebook we find groups, pages, events and community pages with a stunning amount of over 900 million, and growing every day. I am a member of Facebook myself, and I am participating in several groups such as fan pages of for example...

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