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Nutrition Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Nutrition" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Exam 2 Study Guide
  1. Know the difference between vitamins and minerals
Vitamins- organic compounds, consists of multiple elements, contains carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.
Minerals-Inorganic compounds can’t be broken down any further, have one element. Calcium, iron, magnesium
  2. Be able to list 5 high water content foods (>75%).
Lettuce, tomato, watermelon, apple, carrots, milk, beer, lemons
  3. Know 3 functions of water in the body.
  * Regulates body temp
  * Removes waste
  * Lubricant
  * Distribution of Nutrients
  4. Know 2 signs/symptoms of dehydration.
  * Tired
  * Thirsty
  * Weakness
  5. Osteoporosis—know which mineral deficiency results in osteoporosis, who is at greatest risk for this disease, and 3 food sources to decrease risk.
Calcium, after menopause or 30+-females- Caucasians +Asians, yogurt, skim milk, cheese 
6. Neural tube defects—know vitamin deficiency results in this, when this occurs during pregnancy, and define one potential outcome of neural tube defects
Folate- during first 28 days of pregnancy- Spinabifida (spinal cord or fluid bulge through the back) or anencephaly (absence of the brain)
7. Anemia-describe one type and the vit/min it is associated with
 Iron deficiency anemia (iron) not enough oxygen being carried to the rest of the organs.
Weakness, tongue inflammation, back pain, apathy
8. Know 3 vitamins and/or minerals and an example of a major food source for each category (can use the vitamin, mineral, and food source only once):
-Bone Health
  * Calcium (yogurt), Phosphorus (fish), Vitamin D (Sun)
  * Vitamin A (sweet potatoes), C (Strawberries), E (Nuts)
-Metabolism/Blood Health
  * B1 (pork), B6 (spinach), B12 (steak-animal products)
-Fluid Balance
  * Sodium (salt), Potassium (bananas), Chloride (processed food)
9. Be able to fill in a plate with a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) using all food groups (grain, protein, vegetable, fruit, dairy) and...

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