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Object and Facial Recognition Essay

  • Submitted by: rauf786
  • on November 17, 2013
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Facial recognition is the most important cognitive function that we use in any social setting.   The ability to recognise faces is essential in helping us to form and maintain relationships with others (Carlson, Martin & Buskist, 2007).   However, in spite of the vast research done in this area, there are many conflicting theories regarding the cognitive processes involved in facial recognition.   The main point of conflict is the extent to which facial recognition can be disassociated from object recognition. Based on the conclusions of several experimental and neurological studies, specifically the ones mentioned throughout this essay, it is indeed correct to say that we process faces in a different, more holistic manner than we do with objects where the emphasis is placed on the relationship between the object’s features.   Those who oppose the holistic approach to face recognition claim that in certain, unusual situations, we recognise faces using the processes associated with object recognition.   This may be true, but it still remains that in the real world, the most important setting for us to understand, faces are processed in a holistic manner which is very different to object recognition.

Every day we recognise a variety of both familiar and novel objects. We do this with little effort, despite the fact that these objects may vary in form, colour and size.   There are many different theories about the processes involved in object recognition but most of these theories can be categorised as ‘Top-Down Processes’ or ‘Bottom-Up Processes’.   However, neither process is deemed to be a ‘better’ way for explaining object recognition.   In fact many studies, particularly those in reading acquisitional studies (Rueckl and Oden, 1986), suggest these processes occur simultaneously and even compliment each other.

Top-Down processes use the cognitive structures already present in the brain regarding the possible and expected characteristics of the object to be...

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