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Objects Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: marym02
  • on November 17, 2013
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Objects Narrative

        Hard all the way through, covered with a shiny coat of beauty, explains exactly who I am.   Long curly brown hair, big brown eyes, small lips, thin waist, curvy and light skinned is the ideal image of myself. People nowadays assume that I am just another ordinary girl walking around the city, but what they really don’t know is that I am much stronger than how I appear on the surface. I used to act like one of the boys with such a dominant attitude. I even started dressing like one, wearing shorts with nikes and plain shirts which is what I feared the most. At the moment I decided to take a stand, so in order to feminize myself, I started to accessorize with jewelry. My life is symbolized by a personal jewelry collection that some might say makes me materialistic.
        As a naïve child I would spend my time playing with Barbie dolls, always fantasizing about being like one. I found myself hungering for that perfect image and ideal structured body that a Barbie doll had. Then later on I owned a male doll, Ken who only tied the whole perfect relationship of a family next to Barbie. I became obsessed with that perfect image of a family being together doing fun activities. Of course that image only hunted me down, it opened my eyes to disappointment, and that was when I found myself hurting the most. My mother decided to be selfish and think about herself rather than her own kids when she decided to cheat on my dad with his so called friend. Meanwhile when my dad would be at work, my mom would bring his “friend” to the house. I once overheard my dad telling my mom, “We can either move out of California, pretend nothing ever happened for the sake of our kids, or we stay and get a divorce”. “I would rather stay and divorce you”, my mom stated. I wasn’t sure how to handle knowing my family was breaking apart. My mother’s supposed friend moved in as soon as my father left. At that time I was going through the absence of love, attention, and...

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