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Omega Males Essay

  • Submitted by: rayshad1
  • on November 19, 2013
  • Category: English
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Rayshad Samuel
Prof. Stacey Morin
English 1101-23
4 November 2013
Women Are The New Men
In Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men,” she argues that movies like Knocked Up create an omega male, who lacks authority and direction in his life due to immaturity. Movies such as 40 Year Old Virgin destroy Rosin’s stereotype by having its main character, Andy Stitzer, achieve all qualities that make a male character an omega male. In the beginning of the film, Andy is romantically challenged and does not fit in, due to his lack of sexual inexperience, immaturity, and lack of self-confidence, but works to escape these descriptions by taking control of his life. In the film, 40 Year Old Virgin, the main character, Andy Stitzer, manages to make it 40 years without having sex; despite his age, his collection of action figures, plus his inability to gain authority in his job, which hint at his perpetual adolescence, but, eventually Andy leaves the stereotypical role of the omega male.
In the film, Andy’s perpetual adolescence shows as he lies about his sexual experiences while having a conversation with co-workers. His response was suspicious, which gave his coworkers the idea it was a lie, then each concluded that he is a virgin. For instance, he once replied, “a woman’s boobs felt like a bag of sand.” (40 Year Old Virgin). At the age of 40, Andy has never experienced a real relationship with a woman, and one reason is that he finds himself afraid to talk to women. In one scene, Andy pressures himself to call the woman he admires, and as soon as she answers the phone, he hangs up because he does not know what to say. By doing so, one can automatically highlight his immaturity. Andy also has a huge collection of action figures, which he never takes out of their original box, because he claims, “they will lose their value,” (40 Year Old Virgin). and some Andy has had as long as since the age of two. Furthermore, in an attempt to watch porn, Andy turns his action figures around...

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