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On Top Of World Essay

  • Submitted by: duynguyen
  • on October 25, 2010
  • Category: English
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Most of the people are supposed to have their own place of significance for them or at least to be one of their favorite place that they often go to hang out with friends and relax. For me the place that I can take all of my troubles that I have had and been as much as in my world and in myself. The special place that I mention to is on the top of mountain where is located five hours away by car from my hometown to the North. It is one of the part of “Himalaya Mount”and over 800 feet height above the sea water.
Although it is not high enough for me to call is “ The top of World”, I think it is worth calling like that because I and other three of my friend once climbed on that Mount and we enjoyed having a stinky and experiencing day. I was kind of scared that I had not ever climbed the mountain before. Then my best friend recommened me should do it and I accepted that advice without thinking how dangerous we could have on the way to the top of the Mount. As my best friend told to me, it was amazing for me to climb on that Mount. I perceived the Mount was my troubles and fears so that I was trying to overcome on those negative things and finally I reached to the top of Mount. The same thing with I have to do in this difficult world is to find the true life value to live with and overcome to the troubles and problems. The purpose to be on the top of Mount is to see the sunrise. It is such a magical nature that God made it when the sun light cover up every single thing it can reach to. I was like a baby the first time what I saw the sun rise looks like. At that time, the air was so strangely quite that I heard my friends talking like whisper to me, and the sky was an odd blue and white color mixing a kind of orange and yellow sun light. The fresh air was floating throughout my nose during looking around the beauty of Mother Nature. “Oh God, why are you so pleasant to me?” I said to myself.
For the next fifteen minutes, I felt warm because of drinking a cup of...

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