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One Book Essay

  • Submitted by: sknicholson1
  • on November 17, 2013
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Professor English 17 March 2012

One Book Essay Sustaining a Nation On a typical summer afternoon you can drive through many American suburbs and see people doing yard work. The lawns are green and lush. The houses are quite large and majestic in the back drop of a couple of oak trees in the front yard. This is what we believe is the American dream; owning a big house, having new cars to get our two kids to soccer and baseball practice. Of course in those big houses we have a TV in each room, a sofa that we never sit on (that’s beacause there is not TV in that room but it makes the house more inviting) and decorations throughout that just “make the house a home”. But what does it take to build the house, furnish the house, and make us comfortable in the house? When I realized what it took to build just one house I was amazed. How many trees were cut to frame it? How much oil did it take to make the shingles? I can go on and on. Where does it all come from and will we ever run out? I can’t imagine the world without a single tree. Even worse a world in which the air is so toxic you can’t go outside in the summer afternoon because of high ozone levels. In the book Deep Economy authored by Bill McKibben, he stated that the average American house was twice as large as the average European house. He used the term cavernous

to describe the homes on the show MTV Cribs. America is obsessed with bigger and better things. My parents used the term, “keeping up with the Joneses”. I didn’t put the term into reality until I was a teenager. Everyone I knew wanted the nice clothes, and the fast cars. We got whatever we wanted without a second thought of where it came from or what it took to make it. Now with $4.00 per gallon gas prices and some of the wildest weather in American history the average American is beginning to realize that we might be destroying ourselves because of over consumption. We have purchased our way into a quandary in which we need to continue to over...

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