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One Class, One Struggle Essay

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  • on November 17, 2010
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One Idea, One Struggle

The history of human society is a complex and compelling story. It is often a story of conflict and struggle. What transpired from these conflicts is a quest for equality between the oppressed and the oppressor, providing the central theme in the creation of fundamental equality. History can be described as a quarrel between those who own powers, and those who wish to share in that responsibility. The struggle of classes have been in existence since the first structural class was created. Indifference, and unfair play have been known to put the inferior classes down by their oppressors. Humanity has risen over the many years from it's lowly state to a rich, new society filled with freedom and opportunity. Without the many revolutions that we had over the centuries, we would not have improved ourselves, and we would not have advanced as much as we already have.

There has been debate on exactly when structured classes were created, but most historians refer back to the Neolithic Revolution, or more commonly known as the Agricultural Revolution. During this period, mobile tribes slowly diminished and converted into permanent towns and villages due to the surplus of food and goods produced. Animal and plant domestication were discovered by the people of the lands, and it quickly took effect. Populations doubled, and grew more rapidly then before, longer life expectancies, as well as new technologies came to existence. The Neolithic Revolution helped humanity to bring in a surplus of food, and this allowed for larger number of people to live together. Ideas and new forms of government began to take root, and soon a society was created.

The first society was neither perfect, nor liable for the security of it's people. Large loopholes, and flaws are known to exist in the first versions of newly created ideas, and only the future will improve it. The Neolithic Revolution occurred about 10,000 years ago, near the 'Fertile Valley' in the...

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