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One Need Not Be a Chamber Essay

  • Submitted by: alexlittle
  • on November 25, 2012
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Discuss how states of mind are presented in: One need not be a chamber and relate this to other poems by Emily Dickinson.

In this poem Dickinson shows how psychological factors that we encounter are much more frightening than physical fears. She does this by using language, imagery and verse form to portray her ideas.

Dickinson uses language to present the state of mind in this poem. One way in which she does this is by using specific language to give the poem a sense of loneliness and separation, for example when she writes: ‘in a lonesome place’ and ‘corridors’. She illustrates to the readers that the mind can produce images that are much more terrifying than realistic experiences. Your ‘brain’ is more likely to haunt you than a ‘ghost’.   Another way she compliments the poem with language is her use of horror language: ‘haunted’, ‘assassin’. These are both threatening words, which can imply that the brain can imagine things that are much scarier than reality.

Dickinson uses imagery such as ‘midnight meeting’ to present the state of mind in the poem. She is presenting the image of someone in their bed at night secluded from everyone else, reflecting and reminiscing about things what they have done, and the things they did wrong ‘haunt’ them like an ‘external ghost’. This may show the present state of mind she is writing about in this poem is depression. Dickinson goes on to give other scary imagery such as- ‘assassin hid in our apartment’. These are all images that are chilling; however the real fear that Dickinson is displaying is the power of the mind. It also shows how we all wear a mask. We do things to hide out weaknesses and lock away who we really are; your own mind is more a danger to you than someone trying to kill you.

The verse form in this poem shows that it’s written in a-b-c-b, full or half rhymes with a consistent rhyme scheme and it has stressed iambic syllables which highlights and creates disruption, which is just like the state of...

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