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Operant Conditioning Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Operant Conditioning
In a time when new forms of learning were becoming known, the most influential was that of Burrhus Frederic Skinner (B.F.). Skinner believed that if you look at the causes of an action and the consequences, behavior would be understood better. His theory was called operantconditioning, which is based on the work of Edward Thorndike and the law of effect. Thorndikestudied learning in animals the law of effect states that a response to a stimulus can produce a pleasant state of affairs in a particular situation and will occur again, and vice versa. Skinner introduced reinforcement in relation to behavior believing that behavior can be strengthen if it is reinforce and if reinforced it would die out or be extinguished. The theory of Operant Conditioning will be explored further concerning condition. Reinforcement is the basis of this theory, the positive and negative aspects will be compared, and contrast based on its impact uponbehavior. Using a scenario the most effective form of reinforcement for behavior is considered for shaping behavior. A schedule of reinforcement will determine how behavior is acquired as well as the strength of the response according to how often the behavior is reinforced.
Theory of Operant Conditioning

​The theory of operant conditioning was discovered by B.F. Skinner while developing a scientific philosophy known as radical behaviorism. Skinner wanted to observe and measure an organism’s behavior and the consequences of that behavior through scientific scrutiny. Many scientists had gotten away from the scientific part of science by explaining certain aspects of human and nonhuman behavior without the use of scientific protocol and much of their research were based on mentalistic events (Olson & Hergenhahn, 2009). Skinner was convinced that the traditional approach still worked, that the search for causes, its identification should enable prediction and control with...

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