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Opinion Essay

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”
Many people accept and respect the advancement of modern technology because of their benefits. Most of the people don’t understand that technology can actually be a bad thing. Today in a society people looking for more and more entertainment which causing serous problems. People are doing less and less thinking more and more listening, watching, and playing because of technology.
Bad impact of technology on a common human life such as internet, TV, and video games which leads to serious Psychological and physical disorder.                                                                                                                                               The video game technology affected teens and kids at dangerous rate. Video game problems come with the content of the game. Mostly in markets video games are based on violence from which the behavior of teen and children changes towards violence. Video game also caused serious problems of health in children such as obesity because of giving more time to computer not to playing outside and these children are also mentally affected.  
When internet was fist introduced people didn’t considered it as big as it is today.   The wrong information posted on the net people considered it as a truthful information actually it is not. It leads to UN employment because of all activities such home shopping; home banking and home security are done through internet. The social behavior of teens was badly influenced by internet by using illegal websites which change the aim of their life. People doing internet crimes by posting wrong comments against one another on face book and MySpace   which leads to confrontation among individual and reached to crimes.
There are many problems associated with TV technology. The content of the show based on violence, sexual activity and drugs. The people watching that show feel that actor...

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