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Opinion - Three Gravest Threats To The U.S.A. Essay

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  • on November 16, 2010
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The United States of America has seen several threats since its proclamation in 1776. Wars have plagued and haunted American history; with the outbreak of World War I, wars were no longer a matter of foreign or internal threat – wars became our means of solving the world’s problems. From the invention of white blasting powder to the apocalyptic nuclear weapon, the Big Stick policy has never faded. However, of the well-known threats to America, be they microscopic, atomic, corruption, or overseas, the most insidious are the moods of the American people. The American peoples’ complacency towards the world and the monopoly on force their power controls over them is appalling to anyone versed in history enough to remember the rise of National Socialism or Bolshevism. Their anti-intellectual attitudes are evidenced throughout popular (notably teenage) culture; they mock the sacred, worship the profane, distance themselves from politics and philosophies but enshrine mindless anti-reason so prevalent in the form of drug addiction and slothful induction fallacies. Last but not least, the insidious cult of irrationality pervades their minds, persuading them with great effect to place emotions higher than the mind, to reject rational responsibility, and to love man for his faults instead of his glories. For these reasons of complacency, anti-intellectualism, and irrationalism, America is in deep and dire danger.
The rise of consumerism in the 1960s is no mystery; the slow decay of our capitalism into mixed-economy wretchedness had begun as early as the ‘20s. Consumerism now means one thing – food. The average American   in the eyes of foreigners (and in the eyes of the author) lives simply, with food being their only goal. This gluttony, this lack of temperance results in an indifference to everything in life, most notably indifference to the powers that rule them. Your “average American” does not shudder at the thought of nuclear proliferation, nor the change...

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