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Organizational Behavior Essay

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  • on November 20, 2010
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Organizational Behavior Terminology & Concepts
Michelle Bartlett

Organizational Behavior is about people like you and I who work and pursue a career in today’s society. We fulfill our lives and our jobs in a variety of ways and in uncertain times. Our environment challenges people to change, learn and continuously develop themselves in the quest for high performance and a promising future. Organizational Behavior is made up of people, companies, and industries that run organizations to help maintain the flow of things. Organizations involve sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology, and may also involve economics and politics as well.
Organizational Behavior is needed to improve the performance and knowledge of people, groups, organizations, and to improve the quality of work life in the industries. There have been many different studies in the past that have been followed. For example:
1) A field study involved real life organizational settings.
2) A laboratory study involved simulated and controlled settings.
3) Case studies involved looking into depth of single situations.
4) Survey studies involved questionnaires and interviews to sample populations.
5) Meta analyses used statistics to poll results of different studies.
The outcome from these studies has been successful in return for results in Diversity and experience.
What creates job satisfaction for people at work? Well, rather than assuming that there is a universal way to manage people and organizations, there are many things associated like using a contingency approach and variables. There is the teamwork approach, people that want control, but don’t want leadership, and then there are the followers. Many or some people have a strategy plan that guides organizations to operate in ways that allow them to outperform their competitors. Although organizations need good strategies, strategy alone cannot guarantee success.
With culture and diversity, there are many different...

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