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Organizational Behavior and Communication Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper
Michelle Foster
October 22, 2012
Gina Owens-Ricks

Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper
When reviewing 3M, it was interesting to learn about the company and the value they place on being a good corporate citizen. The company has been working diligently since the mid-1970’s to be leader in sustainability. They believe in supporting the company by making smart business decisions, supporting the community by being a strong leader in working with those communities. They also work with their employees to support their talents and growth within the organization. There website supports the goals on the company and is a strong communication tool for the employees.
3M sees itself as a global innovation company that improves daily life for millions of people ("3m Company", 2012). Their corporate vision is about improving, enhancing and advancing the lives of the customers they serve along with the companies they do business with. They will do this by being a sustainable corporation that is concerned about today but also looks to protect the future for generations to come.
When 3M acquires a company, it must fit into one of their six existing business segments.   For example, they will purchase a company that makes car detailing products that enhances their automobile car wrap division. They want to grow their business but in a financially responsible manner. They do not buy a company just to buy a company so they can get larger. They believe they have a responsibility to the company, the communities they serve and the employees to be fiscally responsible which contributes to the economic success of the company.
Another sustainability concept the company embraces is being environmentally responsible. They believe they have built the concept of environmental responsibility into all aspects of their from the design process to manufacturing and distribution of their products ("Sustainability of...

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