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Organizational Behavior Concepts And Terminologm Essay

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Organizational Behavior Concepts and Terminology

Brandon Boze


Steven Hultgren

July 22, 2010

Organizational Behavior Concepts and Terminology

An organization is designed and structured to provide a positive working environment and a relationship between all facets of management.   Executive management consists of the CEO and any of the organizations board members.   The organizations executives work with mid-level managers to relay the expected achievements of the organization and provide resources for employees to succeed in daily operations.   Required levels of commitment must be present for the organizations value system to be effective.   Looking at organizational culture, behavior, diversity, and communication one can better define the concepts of organizational behavior.

Behavior and Culture

Organizations implement certain goals in which they want to achieve, some emphasize profit, while other organizations choose to be non-profit.   Leadership within the organization is the driving force that sets the standards and strategies needed to achieve the goals of the organization.   Organizations learn the possible behaviors of employees through case studies, employee surveys, and statistical analysis.   Daily routines of an employee help determine certain behavioral traits that may exist within the organization.   Learning about employee behavior will allow the development of growing relationships and ensure that the organization runs with out incident.   Organizations that have good employee behavior tend to achieve a higher quality of performance.   Organizations with bad employee behavior usually reflect performances or lower quality.

An organizations leadership should set the tone for the culture of the organization.   Organizations with a high level of performance achieve improved levels of teamwork, diversity, creativity, and innovation.   Good leadership will continually emphasize the vision of the organization to the employees so...

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