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Organizational Managers in a Fast Paced Sports World Essay

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Organizational Managers in a Fast Paced Sports World
Raystell Walker
BUS 303 Human Resources Management
Cynthia Daniel
November 5, 2012

In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with sports teams of all nature and skill levels.   They can range from your local pop warner leagues, to college and university and finally professional teams.   Although the polished products that are presented to us through the media seem all glitz and glamorous, little is known about what a sports organization goes through and all the behind the scene   work to get to that final polished product.   Sports at any level to be successful require a team of organizational managers to oversee the day to day operation to choreograph this grand dance we know today as sports entertainment.
What in the world do organizational mangers do and more specifically what do they do in the sports world?   To even begin to understand the management side of sports you first must understand what organizational managers do.   Organizational managers preform a variety of task such as strategic leadership, organizing and planning, and team supervisors for companies, firms and wide range of businesses and organizations in many job industries (Degree, n.d.).   You could be leading the entire organization a specific department like human resources information technology, finance and even marketing.   Because organizational managers do not work in any one specific field, most organizational managers will chose a concentration in a particular area to make them more marketable.   These are just a few of the task that an organizational manager will be asked to perform on a day to day bases.
  For my case the obvious chose for me to work in the sports industry is to establish a concentration in sports management or human resources management.   Well I’m a huge sports fan with a vast array of knowledge of sports in general coming from my own personal experiences of playing, coaching and also being a...

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