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Our Day Out Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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'Our day out' by Willy Russell is a play set in 1970's Liverpool in quite a rough village where the children smash and break lots of things. In the school where they go to they are going on a trip to Conwy Castle in Wales! The two teachers going are called Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay. Mr Briggs is a cruel and strict teacher who treats the children like dirt 'These types of kids', contrast with Mrs Kay who is fun and lively and is kind to the children and likes giving them a good time 'We're going to the beach'.
Mrs Kay believes that the children should have freedom 'They think they're in the fields of heaven' and they should be allowed to do stuff on their own 'Ooh leave them' .This shows that she does not think the children will be any harm to anyone. Mr Briggs does not agree with Mrs Kay, he thinks the children cannot be trusted 'I don't know if these people can be trusted'. I think Mr Briggs is right because the children stole from the shop and from the zoo!
The language Mr Briggs uses is stereotypical teacher language 'Just do what you're told lad'.   He also calls the children 'These types of kids', which implies that the children are different than everyone else. Mrs Kay speaks to the pupils in a kind and caring way 'We want everyone to enjoy themselves'. There is a lot of tension between Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs because she wants the kids to have a nice day out but Mr Briggs keeps ruining it by shouting and seeing everything as chaos. When speaking Mrs Kay is more sympathetic than Mr Briggs 'well you could try, couldn't you love'. Mr Briggs cannot relax as a teacher.   He is distant from the world of the pupils. He can sound pompous and confrontational. 'You, boy ... come here'. All the teachers use Standard English, but Mrs Kay, Colin and Susan are more relaxed in their usage than Mr Briggs. They are persuasive 'These are the children ... looking and longing and never getting', while Mr Briggs is confrontational 'Reilly. Dickson.   Sit down!'. The children speak in...

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